Miss Teen Commonwealth International 2013-14 – Finalis 1st place

On 16 November 2013 at the Civic Hall, Blackshots, Essex, London UK I became Miss Commonwealth International 2013-14!  Some pictures from the event may be seen here.

Katrinah - Miss Teen Commonwealth International 2013-14 Winner 2.jpg

Miss Commonwealth International is the official platform for the development and award of the 9 principle pageant titles available with eight beauty queens and one king. The award winners  for 2013-14 are pictured below including the special everlasting title awarded this year.  See Pageant Results 2013 for more details including runners up.

Triple Crown Queens
_MG_0429Left to right:
Mrs: Lucienne Gusman (Malta)
Miss: Maggy Pieterse (South Africa)
Miss Teen: Katrinah Phenyo (Botswana)

Commonwealth King (Mr)
_MG_0348 Mr: Justin Chircop (Malta)

Cultural Sector Queens
_MG_0442Left to right:
Miss Africa: Malkia Kassu (Tanzania)
Miss Asia-Pacific: Angelica Casinto (Philippines)
Miss Euro-Atlantic: Hatty Berry (England)
Miss Caribbean: Simone Fairweather (Jamaica)

Queen of Friends
_MG_0452International Queen of Friends: Jessica Martins (Madeira)

Special Award
_MG_0453Miss Eternal: Jayne Louise Slater (England)



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