Recommended Places To Visit – Barcelona 2016

Hello everyone, hope you’re having an amazing day!
I’d like to share with you a fabulous experience that I had in Spain – Barcelona in March, earlier this year.
I traveled to Barcelona with my mum on a business/holiday trip for 6 days which was very exciting because I’d never been anywhere else in Europe apart from the UK!
So here’s how it went down:
A very dear family friend invited us to a business/holiday trip abroad to the colorful city of Barcelona. Without hesitation, mum and I took the opportunity by the horns! You never know when your last holiday is going to be so we went for it- and with the English weather at that time, I didn’t care where we were going as long as it was warmer!
We left London on the 2nd of March and caught a quick 1-2 hours flight. We arrived at Barcelona El Prat, an international airport located approximately 12 kilometers away from central Barcelona. We were welcomed by locals and friendly faces at the airport who also helped us connect from the airport to our apartment by bus. The first thing that struck me is the side of the road which we were on. We were driving on the ‘right’ side, finally, the RIGHT side of the road! If you get my ‘drift’.
Anyways when we arrived at our stop in the northern region of Barcelona, we took a metro train to a part of the city called Paral-lel. I have to say, their metro system isn’t very different from the Underground system that we have here in London. Except for that the trains are much more spacious, and look more like the DLR. I also noticed that there were hardly any ticket offices above ground as most of the lines run underground anyway. The Barcelona metro system has about 11 lines which serve the city and its suburbs. I recommend using public transport when you’re in a certain place for the first time, and on top of this, you can get a ticket that allows you to make 10 journeys by bus or train  depending on the zones that you wish to visit, it’s called the T10. Read more about the T10 transport card here.
Our apartment was situated just outside the Paral-lel metro, which was very helpful as we were tourists and didn’t know our way around much. We were sharing a 4 bedroom apartment with 3 other ladies who were also from London. The apartments that are situated near the road and the metro aren’t particularly noisy, but there were times when we were disturbed by locals who were out and about in the vibrant city of Spain that never sleeps.
The next  day we visited the Sagrada Familia, a very famous Roman Catholic Church which was designed by Antoni Gaudí, an elite Spanish architect who also designed Park Guell, which we later visited that week. The church was by far the most breathtaking landmark that I had ever seen with my own two eyes during my 18 years of life. I just had to take selfies and pictures to capture the moment!

Quick selfie with the magnificent Sagrada Familia!


That’s me and mum enjoying the sun and the view of the beach

imageimageimageEven though I didn’t have enough time to see inside because of long queues, I’d recommend you to have a look as I’ve heard it is just as breathtaking inside as it is outside, it will be worth your time and money. You can find cheap tickets from £11.49 that allow you to skip the line here.
The very same day we visited the famous beach of Barcelona, the La Barcelonetta beach which is of course lies on the Mediterranean Sea. What’s a holiday without the beach or some sort of water related relaxation? We chilled near the twinkling blue waters of the sea. It was averagely busy, filled with locals and tourists who wanted to soak up some sun rays before retiring back to rest later that night.Barcelonetta Beachimage

I went up to the W Hotel that’s along the beach, the view from up there is amazing. The inside of the hotel is very high class and posh, very beautiful and bright. We couldn’t stay for dinner but I’d recommend having a look into it if you ever decide to visit Spain.imageimageimage
Later that day we had the Spanish special, sea food! I absolutely adore seafood in London so I knew very well that I was also going to enjoy food in Barcelona. Although for the first time ever I got to try the famous paella dish. Paella is a Valencian colorful rice dish that originates from the east coast of Valencia, Spain. It can be made with chicken, prawns, peas, rice and also chorizo. I absolutely loved that dish as it was very warm, comforting and spontaneous! I highly recommend it to anyone who is not allergic to sea food.imageimageimageimageimageThe next day we took a stroll up a street that was situated on a hill. I really loved the way their buildings were imageThis was a very good opportunity for me to try some Spanish snacks so I quickly popped into the local tuck shop and bought some Spanish crisps that tasted very crunchy and tangy. On our way up we documented our journey all the way to Park Guell, another famous landmark in Barcelona that was designed by Antonio Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol.image

It has a lot of mosaic-covered buildings and many other whimsical architectures to get lost in. The other side of the park, that has monuments was open for free entry after around 5-6pm which was awesome. Everyone totally loved the place, we met a lot of other people from around the world who were there to witness the same magical works of Gaudí and Jujol. Absolutely marvellous, 10/10.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage image imageimageimageClick on the link here to read more about tickets and free places in Park Guell.

The venue for our business event was at the Montjuic Communications Tower in Montjuic. The white tower is very famous as it was used in the 1992  Olympics to transmit television coverage. Check out more awesome pictures that I took on that day as well.

I was very proud of this shot as it captures the prepossessing shape of the tower.
This one too, mum and I were looking very beautiful and stylish in all black.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them, I’d give Barcelona an 8/10 as I was only there for about 6 days or so! Also check out the vlogs I made on my YouTube channel at here.

Happy Travels guys 🙂





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