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BODYSUITS | Cute outfits on a budget!!!

Hello my lovelies!!! I hope you're all doing well over there. Guess what?! I am back with another fashion blog! This time I wanted to do a quick one on Bodysuits before it gets too cold. I really loved these especially during the summer a few weeks ago. At first I was quite hesitant when it came to wearing bodysuits, especially under jeans, but then after buying one to try out, I found that I absolutely loved them! You might have even seen me post some pictures of myself in bodysuits across my Read more [...]

Gym and Fitness | How I get ready for gym

Hello everyone ! I hope you're all well. I've missed you all 🙂  I must apologize for not being as active as I had intended over the summer. I was all over the place, but now I am back. Back to stay and back to SLAY! So anyways one of my closest friends requested a gym video; what I wear, what i drink and do at gym. Please feel free to leave any comments telling me what you would like to see on my channel and website. Love, K Read more [...]

Spring/Summer Outfit – *Beauty on a Budget

Hello everyone, hope you're all well  I'd like to share with you some of my tips and tricks for looking stylish this summer. Most of my clothing is from budget high street sites which can really benefit those who don't have a deep wallet. Sites like Boohoo or even EBay can provide you with trendy outfits that can fit whatever amount you can afford. Check out this outfit for example; it's very outgoing and stylish, but very cheap.  *Black Bomber Jacket from Boohoo.com - Read more [...]