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BODYSUITS | Cute outfits on a budget!!!

Hello my lovelies!!! I hope you're all doing well over there. Guess what?! I am back with another fashion blog! This time I wanted to do a quick one on Bodysuits before it gets too cold. I really loved these especially during the summer a few weeks ago. At first I was quite hesitant when it came to wearing bodysuits, especially under jeans, but then after buying one to try out, I found that I absolutely loved them! You might have even seen me post some pictures of myself in bodysuits across my Read more [...]

Gym and Fitness | How I get ready for gym

Hello everyone ! I hope you're all well. I've missed you all 🙂  I must apologize for not being as active as I had intended over the summer. I was all over the place, but now I am back. Back to stay and back to SLAY! So anyways one of my closest friends requested a gym video; what I wear, what i drink and do at gym. Please feel free to leave any comments telling me what you would like to see on my channel and website. Love, K Read more [...]