I was the TV Presenter at BOT50 – the 50th anniversary celebration of Botswana Independence Day held in Greenwich on 1st October 2016 at  Mycenae House – see the Botswana Community in the UK website for more information.

I was the TV Presenter at the 49th anniversary celebration of Botswana Independence Day held in London on Saturday 3rd October 2015 at Mama Jumbe’s African Restaurant in East London!  Please see a report of the event here.

Portugal Day 14th June 2015 – a video filmed and directed by me!

I was the TV Presenter at the 48th Anniversary celebration of Botswana Independence Day held in London on 4th October 2014 – see the facebook event for more information and this facebook album for the pictures.

I was the TV Presenter at an empowerment workshop run by the UK Southern African Countries Community – UK SACC  on 14th March 2015.  See the facebook event for more details.

I took part in a talent contest at Brune Park Community College on 25th May 2011.  One of the judges said: “Katrinah in year 9 woke up use all up with her amazing “Whip my hair” dance and needless to say has won the Year 9-11 section with her zestfully professional performance.